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DigiPen: Team - Allegro Games/ Game - Cure-Z

May 30, 2014


Cure-Z tasks each player as a scientist working on a cure for a zombie infection. All of the scientists are fully infected and must work together to find the cure. Some of the scientists are further along in the infection than others and must gauge how much they can help the effort to find the cure by monitoring their vitals with signals from the controller’s vibration. As a player approaches the point of turning, they can decide to push their luck and continue to work on the cure, or make a noble sacrifice and leave the lab to keep the other scientists safe because if they turn inside the lab, they become zombies that will try to attack the other scientists. 


Genre: Diminishing Team Survival Game with Zombie Theme


Release Date: 05-07-16


Daniel Zanetti worked on this team doing both the music and SFX.

DigiPen: Animation - BlackSun Preview

April 21, 2014


A small animation preview for a game that was soon to come out... but never did.


Daniel Zanetti produced all Music and SFX.

DigiPen: Team - Negative Gravity/ Game - Lightmare

May 30, 2014


Lightmare is about a girl named Miranda who has just had a car accident. She gets stuck in a dream world and must fight her way out to return to consciousness.


Genre: Action, Adventure, and Brawler


Release Date: 05-07-15


Download Link:


Daniel Zanetti worked on this team for about a year doing both the music and SFX... Then left before the final product was released.

DigiPen: Team - Buff Stuff/ Game - Chron

May 28, 2015


This was a Senior Game called Chron by team Buff Stuff.


Genre: Disco Racing Game


Release Date: 05-28-15


Daniel Zanetti Collaborated with John Henke (a colleague) on the main music for this team.


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