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Welcome to DanZanettiMusic!

Dan Zanetti is a seasoned musician, producer, composer, and sound designer with over two decades of musical expertise. His journey includes extensive training across various instruments, active involvement in diverse rock/punk/metal bands, proficient songwriting across multiple styles and genres, and over a decade of hands-on experience in recording and mixing.


Currently, Dan is working on new music and performing at several venues around the Seattle area.


Check out the site and stay up to date on everything DZM!

If you would like to support me and my big music dream, I would appreciate any and all donations you are willing to send.  Thank you for enjoying my music and supporting what i do!

~ Dan Zanetti

Latest News and Updates |

​New Show and Album coming soon!

New Album | STAGES


Releases on SoundCloud July 14th 2024

New Show | July 14th 2024

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